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Released February, 2022

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A mystery/thriller feature film that pays homage to the great Italian Giallo films from the ‘60s and '70s but with a modern twist.

The female CEO of a new ridesharing app must stop a serial killer who's using the app to lure victims into his car before he destroys the company and kills her entire technology team. It’s Scream meets The Social Network.

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Ashley Scott Meyers


Three Days Missing based on the book by Kimberly Belle

A missing child is every parent’s worst nightmare.  This film is more than just a story about a kidnapping – it tackles how two mothers’ lives collide in the most shocking and suspenseful way possible.

Recently divorced, Kat Kinkaid learns that her son, Ethan, is missing after going on a camping trip. As the investigation progresses, Stefanie Huntington, receives a mysterious call with a ransom demand telling her that her son was abducted from the same trip. These two mothers experience flashes of terror while looking for answers to the mystery.

With this exciting script, we are currently searching for financial partners.


Instruments of Night based on the book by Thomas H Cook

Published in 1998, this book by highly acclaimed writer Thomas H Cook is the epitome of a psychological thriller. Paul Graves, is haunted with guilt after witnessing the murder of his teenage sister when he was 12. Now 40, Paul is a writer of crime books, drawing upon the pain of his past. He is invited to a summer art colony where he is asked to explore a long-past murder and write a story that solves the crime.

This dark, complex story will be converted into a seven-part TV series.


The Slave Across the Street based on the true story by Theresa Flores

This is the story of a 15-year old girl enslaved into the dangerous world of sex-trafficking. Theresa’s harrowing tale happened where it shouldn’t have – an upper middle class suburb of Detroit; and it happened to someone who we assumed would be protected – a teenager in a close-knit family living at home.

We are seeking financial partners to bring this story to the screen.


The Girl from Krakow based on the story by Alex Rosenberg

Inspired by true events, this is a moving love story of two Jewish women whose love for each other gives them the reason to do whatever they can to survive the Nazi occupation during World War II in Poland. The dramatic plot twists after the war when Dani finds the fiancée she never mentioned and Rita learns that her son, now 6, is still alive lead to an unexpected and memorable climax.

We are looking for European partners to coproduce this feature.


The Cardturner based on the story by Louis Sachar

From Louis Sachar, a famous children’s book writer comes the young adult novel entitled The Cardturner. This book tackles the story of an 18-year-old boy becoming the cardturner for an elderly blind man bridge player. It explores the human condition, the differences between perception and reality, and how people can bond over the game of bridge.

We believe that an adaptation of this story will do for bridge what Searching for Bobby Fischer and The Queen's Gambit have done for chess.


Powerballers Original screenplay by Michelle Gieseke and Erica Warn

Three suburban housewives win the Powerball and don't tell their husbands. This is a female driven, heartfelt comedy about friendship and trust and family.

It's about the importance of community and about doing what's right. Our heroes learn certain riches are worth much more than what's in the bank.